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Start with Seven - Sw7 - provides a framework for Founders and Directors of Technology businesses which accelerates the successful launch and growth of a business in the Tech sector in Africa, from Ideation and Incubation through to Acceleration, Growth and Exit. With mentoring from over twenty CEO’s and Founders, we offer access to the largest brains trust in the Tech Startup space in Africa.


We offer a number of programmes leveraging the Start with Seven or Sw7 framework. All are focused on one thing - getting you to the next level in your business as fast as possible.

The Sw7 framework has come about through many years of applying global, best in class, performance management practices to businesses of varying sizes. These learnings, together with the Lean, Agile and Quick to Market philosophies which are required in the Tech Sector, led to Sw7. A structured, easy to understand and quick to deploy Strategy Execution framework - we help you Fail Faster than you thought possible!

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Sw7 is currently offered in three ways

A nine-week, part-time evening programme. Lectures one evening a week from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, where the Founder will build out the plans and Strategy for the business through a series of mentoring workshops from up to three Mentors, group workshops with their cohort and individual exercises amounting to around fifteen hours of work a week. Keep doing your day job whilst you learn what is needed to succeed in the sector!

Twenty experienced Founders and CEO’s
who run profitable and sustainable businesses in the Tech space, lecture and mentor the Strategy programme. This is the largest IT brains trust on the African Continent which provides the Founder with the opportunity to apply their learnings on how to avoid pitfalls and maximise their potential in order to grow their business.

Applications open 14th May and deadline has been extended until 30th June for the programme commencing July 2014.

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A two-day programme. The Founder learns about the framework and how it is applied in a busy two day course.

For larger businesses, we we also offer flexible and on-site Strategy Definition workshops where we can deploy and embed the Sw7 processes as a structured engagement with your Board. We can automate the process to a large degree, so you can decide how much guidance you want or need. For an on-site engagement, please get in touch to discuss how we can tailor the engagement to meet your needs.


Anyone who has launched or who is thinking of launching a Technology based business from one person to up to 50M ZAR turnover. There are programmes for Founders and for Technology businesses ranging from Ideation through to more established businesses with up to one hundred employees.

The 9 Week Programme is for

Founders & Directors of Technology businesses
Trading for less than five years
Turnover of less than R50M.

The learnings and input of our Mentors will assist you with unpacking your particular sector and offering. In an ideal world, the team of Founders or Execs would attend to ensure you all stay aligned on what needs to be done and how you should go about doing it - the progress you will make and the adjustments you will have during the programme are significant.


The 2 Day Programme is for

Founders & Directors of Technology businesses
Businesses that need to lay the foundation for improved performance


Sw7 - 9 Week Part-Time Evening
Significant support from Microsoft South Africa means:
Microsoft Bizspark will cover R7,200,
You pay

Scholarships may be awarded for those who qualify - please contact us.
Terms and conditions apply.

Sw7 - 2 Day

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