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Start with Seven – Sw7 – is the largest Mentor Led Tech Innovation Accelerator in Africa offering a variety of part-time evening mentor-led programmes with over 65 Tech Founder CEOs mentoring.



Sw7 offers programmes for Tech Founders & Investors covering Strategy Execution, Legal, IP & Branding, Go To Market Strategy, Funding & Investment for late stage ideation to launching, growth & exit.


Sw7@Standard Bank

Sw7 Accelerate will be held at the all new Standard Bank Incubator @ 5 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank. Applications are open for the part-time 9 week programme commencing 4th June.

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Sw7 Assess

Sw7 Assess offers Founders & their teams individualised Strategy & Entrepreneurial Profiling Sessions using the Sw7 Methodology & BOSI Profiling Assessment.

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Sw7 provides regular meetups in addition to group & individual mentoring sessions. To find out more, click below & also join the LinkedIn Group Tech Startups Founders & Developers Africa.


Tech Startups, Founders & Developers

Join the largest Tech Startup LinkedIn Group in Africa for information on the latest Tech Innovation, events, resources & content, helping Tech Founders on the continent connect.



Sw7 provides a number of programmes incorporating group & individual mentoring sessions

Sw7 Accelerate

Sw7 (Start With Seven) is the largest Mentor Led Tech Innovation Accelerator in Africa comprising a 9 week part-time evening mentor-led programme with over 65 Tech Founder CEOs mentoring covering a 7-step process to define & execute strategy from late ideation through to launching, acceleration, growth & exit.

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Sw7@Standard Bank

Sw7 has partnered with Microsoft BizSpark & Standard Bank Incubator to offer Sw7 Accelerate for the exciting Technology & high growth Innovation markets, guiding Founders through the structured 7-step process to define & execute strategy from launch through to acceleration, growth & exit.

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Focused on increasing access to market, Sw7 GTM (Go To Market) is a 5-week programme which builds out your strategy execution plan to create greater traction & momentum for your business with focus around your customer & the market, ensuring your monetisation & pricing is market appropriate.

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Sw7 Legal

Sw7 Legal, IP & Branding looks at the protection of your IP & brand in the context of international expansion, the options available & the risks to consider when scaling your business.

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Sw7 Invest

Sw7 Invest is for those looking to invest in or support the Tech Innovation sector, providing them with insight on current trends in this sector & a toolset to identify good opportunities.

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Sw7 Express

Sw7 Express is a 2-day Train The Mentor programme for Innovation teams & for those looking to invest in the Tech Innovation sector or to engage with Founders & Innovators in Africa.

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Next Event

Topic – Raising International Funding – What You Need To Know

Date – Thursday 28th May

Time – 1830h – 2030h

Location – Three Seasons Office Park, 7 Spring St, Rivonia

Speakers – Andre de Wet (CEO PriceCheck), Mohamed Nanabhay (Founder of Al Jazeera)

Andre de Wet will be sharing his insights on fundraising following his recent return from Silicon Valley.

As this event has been oversubscribed, we apologise that we cannot take any more bookings.

To hear about future events, please write to

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  • Testimonial

    Andre De Wet

    Andre De Wet, CEO at PriceCheck
  • Testimonial

    Warren Bond

    Warren Bond, Co-Founder and CEO of Luminous, Co-Founder of Matchi
  • Testimonial

    Justin Spratt

    Justin Spratt, Managing Director - Quirk
  • Testimonial

    Mike Prentice

    Mike Prentice, CEO Silica Holdings
  • Testimonial

    Mohamed Nanabhay

    Mohamed Nanabhay, Investor, Entrepreneur, Media Hacker
  • Testimonial

    Bevan Ducasse

    Bevan Ducasse, CEO wiGroup
  • Testimonial

    Mark Forester

    Mark Forester, Co-Founder at WooThemes
  • Testimonial

    Marlon Parker

    Marlon Parker, Founder / Explorer at RLabs


  • Testimonial

    Keith Jones

    Sw7 Founder

    About Keith Jones

    Keith Jones launched and ran his own IT business for eleven years. He exited by reversing on the stock exchange in London (AIM), did two fund raises, 1.5m GBP and 5m GBP, six acquisitions, an MBO and a couple of disposals. The entity they created was the leading business intelligence business in it’s sector in Africa and is now worth over 1B Zar. His fifteen years experience of performance management, strategy execution and analytics assists Techstartups in accelerating their launch and growth into a highly competitive market.

  • Testimonial

    Odette Jones

    Sw7 Founder

    About Odette Jones

    Odette Jones has international Board level experience with listed companies such as Experian, Symantec, L’Oreal and Timberland. London based for eighteen years, her focus was on emerging markets primarily in the HR space. Her background in organisational psychology and coaching at an executive level together with her strong focus on team and individual performance management leverages the BOSI profile to assist the Founders in understanding how to drive engagement and performance at an individual and team level.

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